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The Online Teacher's & Educator's Symposium (TOTES) is a whole year of powerful recorded & live webinars. TOTES will inspire you & your team to re-think & re-frame the role of educators in developing innovative solutions to inspire & motivate change.


Phoenix Cups: My Cup Filling Plan

A revolutionary online course to understand The Phoenix Cups framework and develop a personal Cup filling plan


The Phoenix Cups; The Jayden and Sally Story

This short course includes the video - A story about Jayden and Sally. It also provides a foundation of the Phoenix Cups framework for educators, carers, and teachers.


EOI The Phoenix Cups: An Educator's Toolkit for Behaviour

Register here to express interest. This online resource will support educators to implement a framework to understand and plan effectively for children's behavioural and social learning.


The Phoenix Cups for Educators; Starter Bundle

A mini course and a short course for educators


Planning & Programming for Educators

Kick back at home, log on and join us for a series of three online Professional Development Workshops for educators.