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Janine Mason

Testimonial : • Active Supervision: Safety doesn't happen by accident. • Child Abuse: It's everyone's business. • Protecting Children's Rights: Embedding Change for Children Everyday. • Trauma: Children start to heal the moment they feel heard. I have more than 40 years experience as an Educational Leader in the field of Early Childhood Education and these 4 courses come with my highest recommendations. Elise Waghorn through Phoenix Training has created courses that accurately reflect the Professional Development and training needs of Educational Practitioners currently working in the field of Early Education and Care in 2021. Each course provides an extensive and thorough coverage of the contemporary issues and the legislative requirements that exist in today's fast paced environment and advocate and expand on the exemplary practices and protocols required. The depth of relevant knowledge contained in these training packages is extensive and pertinent and is articulated in a manner that is easy to comprehend. These courses represent exceptional value both in terms of industry relevance and monetary value to any organisation or individual seeking Professional Development in this field. Jane Mason: Dip Teach ECE B.Ed