It's time to give your team meeting a makeover!

Grow your mindset and support your mental wellbeing and fulfilment with these 12 monthly staff meeting meditations and activities.

Staff meetings are a way to get the team together, share important information, set boundaries and expectations and allow for team bonding...but how many times have you found yourself yawning through another staff meeting, or letting your mind wander so you aren't actively engaged with your team?

We have developed a set of 12 meditations and team meeting growth activities specifically to encourage your team to  grow their mindset which will lead to higher productivity and engagement and overall fulfillment.

Each month, you'll be provided a different theme, a guided meditation by mentalist Christopher Phoenix, and an activity for the month. Themes include:

Burn Bright!
Embracing Change
Positive Culture
Self Care
Team Harmony
Team Motivation

*Where a personal meditation is also found in the staff meditations, the recordings are the same, however, the eBook exercises are different.

Meditations and eBooks

Included in this resource is 12x Team Meeting 5 minute meditations and an activity book with a dedicated activity for each of the themes.

Course curriculum

    1. How to use this platform

    2. Student walk through video

    3. Agreement

    4. Team Meeting Activity Workbook

    1. Embracing Change

    2. Happiness

    3. Acceptance

    4. Calmness

    5. Burn Bright

    6. Positive Culture

    7. Self Care

    8. Respect

    9. Strength

    10. Team Motivation

    11. Relaxation

    12. Team Harmony

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    2. Other Professional and Personal Development Opportunities

About this course

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  • 18 lessons
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Your Facilitator

Wellbeing Facilitator Christopher Phoenix

Christopher is an author, keynote speaker, researcher, and the wellbeing specialist for the Phoenix Cups, and Phoenix Support for Educators. He is the co-author Phoenix Cups book - The Phoenix Cups: A Cup Filling Story, and tours Australia and beyond delivering the Phoenix Cups framework through a highly entertaining Workplace Wellbeing workshop, and keynote presentation. Chris’ workshops and presentations have been dubbed as “edutainment”; the perfect blend of education and fun. As someone who continues to learn, Chris is currently undertaking his Ph.D. in Philosophy, to pursue his theories on authenticity as a virtue, and how we can creating meaningful lives, and attempt to meet our human needs. Christopher began his career in the corporate sector, however, his passion was for philosophy, wellbeing, and understanding human behaviour, grew his side hustle into a colourful full time career as an author, mentalist, and hypnotherapist. This has seen him grace the screens of Australia’s most popular morning show Sunrise, been interviewed on national radio station Triple M, and spoken about the need for wellbeing management in numerous newspaper and media articles. Chris uses mentalism and comedic hypnosis demonstrations throughout his workshops to bring context to identifying unhelpful thinking patterns, and how to live a more fulfilled and enjoyable life. It’s Chris’ goal in life to deliver his workshops to as many workplaces as possible to increase wellbeing practices, and overall wellness in both teams and individuals.


  • What's the time commitment? I'm pretty busy...

    It's manageable with a busy schedule.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    We suggest working through all the course content in 12 months. But if life gets busy, we do give you one additional 6 months to catch up.