Bulk buy logins

Discounts are applied depending on the number of logins ordered

For companies looking to bulk-buy our courses we’re here to help. The first solution is the more logins you purchase, the better the price. The good news is we've got more in store for you than just a good deal to ensure a successful package. But we'll start here...

Don't pay list price

Your company values professional learning, and you know the importance of having everyone on the same page. Our first step is to work out how many employees you want to sign up. The more participants that you register, the better the deal.

  • 10 percent off for 10-29 participants

  • 20 percent off for 30-69 participants

  • 30 percent off for 70-199 participants

  • 40 percent off for 200+ participants

A successful package is our priority

We add value to your company packages by...

  • Leadership Support

    Book an initial conference call with your course facilitator and leadership team to discuss your companies unique strengths and gaps; your team's needs; how we can work together to ensure successful implementation of your package.

  • An exclusive whole team Zoom meeting

    Most of our online courses have regular, optional live Q&A webinar sessions. Your team will have access to these. However, with our company packages you can schedule additional live, interactive Q&A sessions and customised webinars at times that suit your team (conditions apply - dependent on investment amount).

  • Extra time

    We know that it's hard enough getting everyone on the same page, let alone at the same time. Your team can have up to 50% additional time on a course (so if the course is 30 days, you can request an extended time limit up to 45 days).

Get a quote...

To get the ball rolling, we just need a quick email from you with the following info:

  • Your contact details
  • Your organisation details
  • Which course or courses are you interested in?
  • How many logins will you require?
  • What special considerations or customisation would you like to request?

Email to [email protected] 

Following that, we'll send you a quote. 

Upon acceptance of the quote, we'll need a spreadsheet from you with the following columns of information about each participant:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address (must be an individual email address per person)
  4. Phone number (can be direct number, or management number)
  5. Company / branch
  6. Course you are enrolling them in

You can use your own spreadsheet or download our template here Bulk participant import list.xlsx

This bulk login import is easiest for initial set up of many logins at the same time. However there is another option...

If you do not require participants to login all at the same time, but instead enroll at their own pace throughout the year, we will set you up with a unique Company Coupon Code. This code will allow participants to register themselves one at a time. 

If you have any questions or you do not receive the quote within 2 working days, please call us at 1300 361 243.

Can't decide yet?

If it all sounds great but you're not sure where to start. We have a plan B...

Most of the time, we find that starting with some of our self-paced, recorded content first then following up with some customised Q&A sessions is the best way to go. But in some instances, a team just needs an hour or so with some specific and customised content. 

We know the drill - you know exactly what you need your team to hear, and how they need to hear it - but you need someone other than you to say it this time. We'll work with you to ensure we hit exactly the right points. 

Or perhaps you have your team together (virtually or in person) for an hour and you want us to hit a few nails on the head to get everyone motivated and inspired. 

We can do that. 

This option is $500 per hour to deliver a customised Zoom meeting with your team - but the good news is, you get that back in credit to use on our self-paced courses.

Download our course discount calculator to play around with numbers and help with the maths

Calculation for bulk online course phoenix-support.thinkific.com.xlsx

Ready to get started? Download our bulk import spreadsheet template and start getting your participant list sorted.Bulk participant import list.xlsx

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We are looking forward to hearing from you. Send us an email and we'll get you a quote asap.