This training has been designed for educators and teachers who are supporting vulnerable children and families who have been exposed to trauma, and provides all the crucial information required to engage traumatised children and provide them with the experiences they require to heal and develop.

You will gain an in-depth understanding of how to support children with a history of relational trauma or attachment disruption. Supporting maltreated children can be challenging, confusing and even demoralising, particularly if you are unable to make sense of their behaviour and depersonalise it.

 This workshop provides participants with a neuroscience-based framework for reinterpreting children’s emotional and behavioural issues and allows participants to make sense of complex behaviour in the context of trauma, attachment issues, and cognitive skill deficits.

This training aims to simplify contemporary research, and through integration with practice wisdom, provide real hands-on strategies for supporting children’s recovery, and repairing their capacity to regulate emotions, experience empathy and trust others.

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This material was provided under licence by Complex Care Pty Ltd

Course curriculum

    1. Intro with Trent and Course Overview

    2. Student walk through video

    1. Module 1 - Defining Trauma and Basic Brain Anatomy video with Trent

    1. Module 2 - Response to Threat (Fight/Flight/Freeze/Collapse)

    1. Module 3 - Neurobiology of Trauma - Part 1

    2. Module 3 - Neurobiology of Trauma - Part 2

    1. Module 4 - Basics of Attachment

    1. Module 5 - Intersubjectivity, Empathy and Self-regulation

About this course

  • $179.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content
  • Video Material

    This course includes video presentations from Trent Savill, who has been providing different evolutions of this training to therapists, case-workers, youth workers, teachers, carers and parents for over a decade.

  • Downloadabe PDF's

    Downloadable resources that every educator needs for understanding complex trauma and care.

  • Learning portal

    Web links, additional resources and recorded webinars for you to continue research and learning.

This workshop provides you with:

  • 3 months access to over 6 hours of training videos (16 modules) that you can watch at your own pace

  • Ongoing access to our learning portal including a library of additional resources

  • Course content developed by Trent Savill (Consultant Therapist and Director of Complex Care) a highly sought after trainer and supervisor with over 16 years of experience working with complex trauma and high-risk children and families in the child protection system.


Director, Complex Care Trent Savill

Trent Savill is a consultant therapist and the Director of Complex Care. Trent has been working with complex and high-risk young people in the child-protection system since 2004, coordinating residential care, providing consultancy to the Department of Communities (Child Safety) and Non-government sector, intensive in-home therapy to children and families, and training to carers and professionals. Trent’s primary role now involves consulting with different agencies around their most complex/high-risk cases and delivering training around the provision of therapeutic care for Australia’s most vulnerable children and young people.

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