A webinar about School Readiness for Kindergarten Educators

This live webinar will be recorded and available for one week

‘My Cups are full and I’m ready for school’ is a one hour online webinar designed for Early Childhood Educators that links the theoretical understanding of the Phoenix Cups framework to real life practice examples of School Readiness. In the webinar, Angie Day unpacks why specific practices related to School Readiness are considered ‘Cup filling’ (positively meeting the psychological needs of children and their development) or ‘Cup emptying’ (diminishing a child’s sense of self and intertwined with practices deemed inappropriate by contemporary research).

The course explores individual needs strengths profiles (Glasser, 1998) of children and unpacks how different practices relating to School Readiness will help each child thrive through the transition to a school setting. The ultimate objective of this course is for educators to better understand the children they work with and align their practices and approaches to school readiness to ensure each child is leaving for school feeling fulfilled, excited, and prepared for the transition.  

The course is live and will also offer a recorded play back that allows opportunities for teams to pause, reflect, document and discuss the ideas that are presented. It will be ideally delivered during a team meeting for the educators in the Kindergarten room and used as provocation to reflect on current practices and be unafraid to try a new approach.  

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Join Angie for the live webinar session in September 2022

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Facilitator Angie Day

Angie Day has enjoyed a vast array of roles in the education sector for just over a decade. These roles include working as a nominated supervisor, primary teacher, national facilitator, practice coach and NESA supervisor. When reflecting on her early teaching experiences, Angie often references the fact that she was always 'an early childhood educator trapped in the body of a primary teacher' placing the rights of children at the forefront of her practice. Her pedagogy prioritises dispositions and a love of learning and fun as the foundation from which to teach. For Angie, teaching is about ensuring that as often as possible, education at all levels fits the learner rather than the reverse. Angie holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary education, as well as Cert IV in Training and Assessment and an Advanced Diploma in Business Management and Leadership.


  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You have access to this course for 4 weeks. We estimate it will take you about 2 hours to complete, so we have allowed for half an hour per week.

  • Where will I find the webinar link?

    To join the webinar, just log in, click on the course and scroll down to the lesson called 'Live webinar'. Once you find the lesson all you will need to do is press the button in the centre of the page.

  • Will the webinar be recorded?

    Yes! This webinar will be recorded and uploaded to the course under the lesson titled Recorded Webinar. This will be done 24-48 hours after the live.

  • How do I get my certificate?

    To receive your certificate, you must click on 'Complete & Continue' on every page of the course. Once you've done this your certificate download button should come up in the top left corner of your course, where the progress bar is.

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