Priority area: Access and inclusion

Coaching for early childhood educators with a focus on inclusion of children with different abilities, backgrounds, and behaviours

Knowledge about diversity is fundamental to effective inclusive practice. Ensuring each child starts school with a positive foundation of skills and knowledge is of paramount importance. 

Through the exploration of individual needs and needs profiles for the children in our care, we are best placed to understand how to design programs that ensure individual factors are consistently considered and planned for. 

Inclusion, at its core needs to support children and families of all backgrounds and abilities to form friendships and a sense of belonging.

Skills developed within this program have a positive effect on inclusion and access. Educators will reflect and evaluate current teaching and learning programs by using evidence and data from their own observations and critical / professional reflections (behaviour analysis and action plan). Classroom routines will be examined to ensure that teaching and learning programs are thoughtfully and professionally planned and implemented with prevention practices at the forefront.


In this bundle you will...

  • Identify potential barriers and solutions to access and inclusion of all children and families

  • Identify common ways in which different behaviour may be communicating needs from children with different abilities

  • Understand the vital importance of supporting children’s behaviour as a foundation of forming relationships

  • Promote ‘being’ in children from all backgrounds through respectful celebration of diversity in all forms

  • Explore differences in physical development and sensory - motor development and coordination, and how to plan for these differences in early childhood classrooms

Coaching bundle inclusions

Our packages include live webinar sessions, phone & email support, and a whole bunch of bonus extras...

  • Monthly webinars

    Regular coaching around communication and behaviour with Sandi Phoenix, BPsychSci. Catch up with a community of like-minded educators and teachers. Together you'll set goals, discuss ideas, reflect and gain feedback. *

  • Professional learning notebook

    Download a 'behaviour analysis and action plan' to help you design a program that is inclusive of all children. You will also receive your own beautifully designed professional learning notebook to document and track your progress. You will find loads more PDF downloads inside your login. **

  • Personal coaching calls & emails

    Your coaches are on call. You can contact us any time throughout the year to make a 1:1 phone booking with your key coach. ***

Your coaches

This program is lead by Sandi Phoenix, BPsychSc, who will oversee a team of three other coaches. You'll be assigned a 'key coach' who will be your point of contact all year, they will be in the monthly webinars. Webinar coaching sessions will be facilitated by Dr Louise Porter.

Principal Facilitator

Sandi Phoenix

Sandi is the founding company director and Principal Facilitator at Phoenix Support. Her framework, The Phoenix Cups, have revolutionised how staff not only work with children’s behaviour, but how teams view each other’s behaviour. The approach provides a framework of how to understand and respond positively to differences and conflict. The Phoenix Cups adds a new perspective to understanding each other and learning to work and live in harmony together.

Senior Facilitator

Tara Hill

Tara is the inspiring multi-tasking senior facilitator at Phoenix Support for Educators. Her experience in the profession started in 2003 as an educator and nominated supervisor. Tara's strength based coaching skills are exceptional. Tara LOVES programming and planning especially mind mapping and using the Phoenix Cups in documentation

PhD, MA(Hons), MGiftedEd, DipEd, BA, BIntStuds Child Psychologist

Dr Louise Porter

Dr Louise Porter, PhD, MA(Hons), MGiftedEd, DipEd, BA, BIntStuds, Child Psychologist is passionate about safeguarding children’s self-esteem, promoting their social skills, and supporting their resilience in the face of the challenges that life often raises. Louise advocates for teaching children to behave considerately, being mindful of how their behaviour affects others, rather than what consequences it may earn them. She has taught at university, conducted a private practice for 30 years, and worked in both mainstream and disability agencies and schools. She is an outstanding author of some of the best texts in the world on the topic of guidance. Louise is a popular speaker throughout Australia and internationally.

Time commitment? Looks great! But how much time will I need?

The answer is a grand total of 17 hours over the course of the year

  • Educator's toolkit for behaviour

    You have 6 weeks to complete this course. We suggest doing it over 2 consecutive weeks if you can. It will need to be completed by the end of March at the latest. Reading and reflecting (3.5 hours), videos (1 hour), and live Q&A panel (30 mins). Total : 5 hours

  • Coaching sessions

    These live online coaching and mentoring sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes each month from Jan-Dec. We suggest planning to attend most of these. Total: 6 hours

  • Reflecting and researching

    We suggest planning time to write reflections, research, plan and document for at least 30 minutes per month. Total: 6 hours

Want more?

We have a coaching bundle for each priority area - or why not get all three in the Complete School Readiness Coaching Package

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The fine print

A little more info if you need it...

* Webinar coaching sessions will be scheduled for a similar date / time each month. Sessions will be live and will not be recorded. We recommend attending at least 6 of these throughout your package but you are welcome to join every month.

** Professional learning notebook gifted by ESRE . Other downloads, handouts, and readings are developed by Dr Louise Porter and Sandi Phoenix.

*** You are entitled to a 1:1 coaching call per term, with a maximum of four phone calls. Additional calls can be purchased at an additional cost throughout the year. You can also book a face to face, on-site coaching day with your key coach at an additional cost. These are subject to availability, so we recommend booking early.