The Online Teacher’s and Educator’s Symposium is an ongoing program designed to provide you with many tools and resources.

These sessions will reframe the role of teachers and educators in developing innovative solutions to inspire and motivate change, and reflect on your personal pedagogies and philosophy.

Through the use of interactive downloadables and live webinars and pre-recorded content from some of the best in our field, we work with you to inspire change, support your staff, flex your thinking and provide you with the confidence to implement it all within your own environment. 

What is included?

All participants in our TOTES program will be given continuous access (for as long as you like - 2 months, 12 months? Your choice) to their own self-paced online learning platform where they will find an endless library of pre-recorded sessions and workshops from some of the top specialists in their field. 

Throughout the course of your program, we will launch new live webinars and downloadable workbooks monthly, to keep ideas and momentum fresh and relevant; and to give you the opportunity to partake in relevant and interesting conversations and connect with experts.


Presenters in 2022

We are welcoming a range of presenters to join our TOTES panel of specialists in 2022; alongside loads of new presenters plus our very own team of specialists at Phoenix Support.

See our Curriculum below for the full line up of presenters, and what they will be covering in our 2022 program.

Topics we will cover

One thing is for sure, no two days are the same in our TOTES program. We cover a wide range of topics to ensure there is something for everyone.

  • Educational Leadership & Behaviour Change

  • Educator Wellbeing

  • Introduction to the Phoenix Cups Framework

  • Numeracy and Maths in Early Childhood

  • Literacy in Early Childhood

  • Documentation

  • Sustainability

  • Cultural inclusion

  • Music in Early Childhood

  • Food and Nutrition

Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • Workplace Wellbeing with Sandi Phoenix and Miranda Watkins from Evolve Wellbeing - Psychology and wellness service

  3. 3
    • How positive psychology can inform curriculum in the early years

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet

  4. 4
    • My Cups are full and I'm ready for School - with Ange Day

    • My Cups are full and I'm ready for school

  5. 5
    • Trent Savill - Complex Care

    • Connection before correction - responding to complex trauma

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet

  6. 6
    • Safe & Sound Sleep with Justine Esler

    • Sleep downloads

    • Monthly Reflection Book

  7. 7
  8. 8
    • Nature Pedagogy, Chickens and Rituals in Outdoor Learning

    • Nature Pedagogy, Chickens and Rituals in Outdoor Learning

    • Monthly Reflection Book

  9. 9
    • Cultural Connections

    • Cecelia Wright Profile

    • Jackie Bennett Profile

    • Connecting the Dots through Culture - Reflection Booklet

  10. 10
    • Creating Rituals

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet - Creating Rituals

  11. 11
    • Child-led Curriculums and Neuroscience - Nathan Wallis

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet - Child-led Curriculums and Neuroscience

  12. 12
    • Creation of a childhood experience

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet - Creating a childhood experience

  13. 13
    • Unpacking the acronyms with Dr Louise Porter

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet - Dr. Louise Porter

    • The Phoenix Cups learning environment plan

    • Risk Benefit Plan

  14. 14
    • Filling the Connection Cup - Practical strategies for meeting the needs for connection

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet - Elise Waghorn

  15. 15
  16. 16
    • Mirror Mirror on the wall, little girl you're so much more - Angie Day

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet - Angie Day

  17. 17
    • Dodgy dangerous play with Marc Armitage

    • A message from Marc

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet - Dodgy dangerous Play - Marc Armitage

  18. 18
    • Laying foundations for play with Sandi Phoenix and Lucas Ritson

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet

  19. 19
    • Singing your way through your day with Sandi Phoenix and Lil' Fi

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet

  20. 20
    • Putting the "E" in "S.T.E.A.M" with Sandi Phoenix and Dr. Andrew King

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet

  21. 21
    • Supporting physical and sensory development in the early years with Sandi Phoenix and Sarah Shakibaie

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet

  22. 22
    • Striving for Excellence through innovative planning with Sandi and Carrie Rose

    • Rosie's Early Learning Action Plan for Embedding Quality

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet

  23. 23
    • Nature Play with Sandi and Anya

    • Monthly Reflection Booklet

  24. 24
  25. 25
    • Making discoveries through documentation - Recorded Webinar

    • Bonus Recorded Webinar - School Readiness

    • Reflection Booklet - Documenting to Discover

  26. 26
    • Numeracy and Mathematics in Early Childhood

    • Dr. Chrystal Whiteford TOTES Reflections Booklet

  27. 27
    • Interview with Jen and Narell

    • Beyond the Sandpit - Reflection Booklet

  28. 28
    • Getting kids to "Dig" their food

    • Reflection Booklet for Nutrition Education

  29. 29
    • Lighting the way to Literacy

    • Lighting the way to literacy - Reflection Booklet

  30. 30
  31. 31
    • Raindrops of Diversity

    • Raindrops of Diversity Reflection Booklet

  32. 32
  33. 33
    • A note about this chapter

    • A Keynote about Connection and Play with Sandi Phoenix

    • Physical Development Summit

    • Wellbeing Summit - The Early Years Online Summit with Kathy Brodie

    • Challenge and Risk Summit

    • Emotional Literacy Summit

  34. 34

Sitting on the fence?

We’re pretty confident that you will love this program as much as we do. But, if you’re still not sure TOTES is for you, we offer a one month trial so you can poke around before you commit.

Your investment

We want to make our TOTES program accessible to everyone, so have created a variety of investment options to suit all budgets, and team sizes.

  • $39.00 / month

    Regular subscription price per person. No lock in contracts, cancel any time.

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Pricing options explained

Still not sure which option you need? Here's some more info.

  • Individual ongoing subscription

    $39 per month subscription - this is for an individual educator who wants to hang around for two or more months. You'll become a TOTES member with access to the TOTES learning community. You can stick around for as long as you like. 2 months? 12 months? Years? That's TOTES up to you.

  • Individual one month

    $59 one month access - Do you have your eye on just one presenter? Don't want to hang around for the subscription? With this option, you get access to this month's new topic PLUS the whole library of past presenters for one month. Make the most of it!

  • Whole team annual pass

    $1990 annual team membership - This option is for a team of up to 20 educators. All of you will get full access to the TOTES program for a year! Yup, that's only $8.30 per month for each educator. If you're part of a bigger team, you should TOTES do this one.

Specialist Facilitators

Phoenix Support

At Phoenix Support we are dedicated to providing expert advice from a wide range of specialists so you get consistently high quality training but from multiple perspectives. So all of our workshops are delivered by an expert in their field.

What past participants are saying

5 star rating

lots of helpful information

Jessica Dearness

This program is great for educators to learn about different subjects and how to work in different ways to help children and families learn more about the wo...

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This program is great for educators to learn about different subjects and how to work in different ways to help children and families learn more about the world we live in.

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5 star rating

Getting kids to "dig" their food

Helen Kuhnel

I have enjoyed this session. I found it very informative. Picky eaters was interesting.

I have enjoyed this session. I found it very informative. Picky eaters was interesting.

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5 star rating

Symposium review

Jacqui Bursztynowicz

It has reignited my passion, reaffirmed that I am on the right track and do informative.

It has reignited my passion, reaffirmed that I am on the right track and do informative.

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