Workplace Wellbeing 6-Week Online Course

Because you can't pour from an empty Cup!

This round kicks off on the 22nd May. Sign up now for pre-course work. Last minute registrations will be available up until the 29th May. 

Designed to increase your wellbeing in the workplace AND at home, this workshop which has been delivered to thousands of people, is now available online for the first time ever!

As human beings we all have needs that need to be met. When they aren't met life doesn't function the way it should. Our behaviour changes, our mood is affected, and we often feel unfulfilled.

The Phoenix Cups framework will help you understand how to meet your most important life needs, and the needs of those around you, by discovering which Cups you need to keep full, how they influence behaviours, and how you can use them to build relationships in all aspects of life. 

This 6-Week Online course has been delivered in person in countless workshops, keynotes, and online presentation to thousands of people, and is now available to you at home. This workshop is designed to not only improve your wellbeing in the workplace but also in your personal life too.

This Workshop:

  • Challenges unhelpful thinking;

  • Teaches how to deal with stress and worry; and

  • Teaches the Phoenix Cups Wellbeing model.   


Individual course participants will also receive:

1 X Phoenix Cups Book;

1 X Phoenix Cups Cards; 

1 X Phoenix Cups: My Cup Filling Plan booklet; and

1 X Complete 12 Month Staff Meeting Meditation Package.

Whole workplace's will receive:

1 X Phoenix Cups Book;

1 X Phoenix Cups Cards; and

20 X Phoenix Cups: My Cup Filling Plan booklet.

1 X Complete 12 Month Staff Meeting Meditation Package.


"Was honestly life changing" 

"The staff are still talking about the workshop, they absolutely loved it! They even said that this was the most fun they have ever had in a workshop, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU"

"I loved it. I really did not want it to end."


Everyone will start Week 1 on the 22nd May. You can sign up NOW to the free trial and take a look at what to expect. Registrations for this round will close on the 28th May.

Christopher Phoenix
Christopher Phoenix
Wellbeing Facilitator

About the instructor

Christopher is the Wellbeing specialist, and co-author of the Phoenix Cups book, for Phoenix Support for Educators (PSFE), and the Phoenix Cups.

Christopher has a keen interest in health and wellbeing, and his passion for hypnotherapy and mindfulness turned professional after his appearance on Australia’s most popular national morning television show, Sunrise. Since then, Christopher has also featured as the Commonwealth Banks Australian of the Day, been interviewed on Australia’s most popular national radio station Triple M, has been the subject of numerous national and international newspaper articles.

It is Christopher’s goal to increase wellbeing practices in the workplace and is excited to be developing programs that do just that.

Feel free to email Christopher ( directly to see how his experience can aid you further.

What's included?

8 Videos
9 Texts