Designed to increase your wellbeing in the workplace AND at home, this workshop which has been delivered to thousands of people, is now available online for the first time ever!

As human beings we all have needs that need to be met. When they aren't met life doesn't function the way it should. Our behaviour changes, our mood is affected, and we often feel unfulfilled.

The Phoenix Cups framework will help you understand how to meet your most important life needs, and the needs of those around you, by discovering which Cups you need to keep full, how they influence behaviours, and how you can use them to build relationships in all aspects of life.

This 6-Week Online course has been delivered in person in countless workshops, keynotes, and online presentation to thousands of people, and is now available to you at home. This workshop is designed to not only improve your wellbeing in the workplace but also in your personal life too.

What you will find in this 6-week program

In this exciting and innovative course, that has been seen all over the world, each employee will receive:

  • A self-paced, 6-week online video course

  • A weekly workbook download

  • Access to an exclusive online community

Course curriculum

    1. How to use this course

    2. Student walk through video

    3. Agreement

    4. Introduction Video to the Workplace Wellbeing online course

    5. Before we begin...

    6. Workbook Cover and Forward

    1. Week 1 - Unhelpful Thinking Video

    2. Week 1 - Unhelpful Thinking Workbook and Exercises

    3. Mindfulness Poster

    1. Week 2 - When to Worry Model Video

    2. Week 2 - When to Worry Workbook and Excercises

    3. When to Worry Poster

    4. Control Poster

    1. Week 3 - Life Needs Balance: An introduction to the Phoenix Cups Video

    2. Week 3 - Life Needs Balance Part 1 Workbook and Exercises

    3. Phoenix Cups Framework Poster

    1. Week 4 - The Will to Fill and the Skill to Fill Video

    2. Week 4 - Life Needs Balance Part 2 Workbook and Exercises

    3. Coping with Stress Poster

    4. Periodic Table of the Phoenix Cups

    1. Week 5 - Values, Gratitude, and Meaning

    2. Week 5 - Values, Gratitude, and Meaning Workbook and Exercises

About this course

  • $348.00
  • 26 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Pricing options

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Your Facilitator

Wellbeing Facilitator Christopher Phoenix

Christopher is an author, keynote speaker, researcher, and the wellbeing specialist for the Phoenix Cups, and Phoenix Support for Educators. He is the co-author Phoenix Cups book - The Phoenix Cups: A Cup Filling Story, and tours Australia and beyond delivering the Phoenix Cups framework through a highly entertaining Workplace Wellbeing workshop, and keynote presentation. Chris’ workshops and presentations have been dubbed as “edutainment”; the perfect blend of education and fun. As someone who continues to learn, Chris is currently undertaking his Ph.D. in Philosophy, to pursue his theories on authenticity as a virtue, and how we can creating meaningful lives, and attempt to meet our human needs. Christopher began his career in the corporate sector, however, his passion was for philosophy, wellbeing, and understanding human behaviour, grew his side hustle into a colourful full time career as an author, mentalist, and hypnotherapist. This has seen him grace the screens of Australia’s most popular morning show Sunrise, been interviewed on national radio station Triple M, and spoken about the need for wellbeing management in numerous newspaper and media articles. Chris uses mentalism and comedic hypnosis demonstrations throughout his workshops to bring context to identifying unhelpful thinking patterns, and how to live a more fulfilled and enjoyable life. It’s Chris’ goal in life to deliver his workshops to as many workplaces as possible to increase wellbeing practices, and overall wellness in both teams and individuals.


Life Changing


"Was honestly life changing"

Loved it


"I loved it. I really did not want it to end."

Thank you!


"The staff are still talking about the workshop, they absolutely loved it! They even said that this was the most fun they have ever had in a workshop, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU"

Week 1: Unhelpful Thinking

Sandy L

Great start to the course! Already showing an awareness of some of the unhelpful thinking styles and how they affect my feelings and behaviour! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Phoenix Cups

Alana Z

I really enjoyed learning and applying the course content both personally and professionally. I believe it is a very worthwhile training program for improved individual and workplace wellbeing in an industry that is seeing serious workplace burnout and overwhelm. 5 stars.


  • Can I do the course at my own pace?

    For sure. It's designed to fit in with your busy lifestyle. You can start now, or in a couple of weeks. You'll get 6 weeks to do the program plus an additional 'catch up month' to access anything you have missed.

  • How do I get my certificate?

    To receive your certificate, you must click on 'Complete & Continue' on every page of the course. Once you've done this your certificate download button should come up in the top left corner of your course, where the progress bar is.

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