More about the Certification...

Through this program, educators will work through 20 hours of content over 6 months. Educators will be required to submit the activities within the course for assessment to achieve an official certification.

This certification will be valid for 2 years.

Why a certification course?

1.            Some educators say they’ve ‘done Phoenix Cups’ training when they’ve done a foundations 1-3 hours with us. While others have done 20+ hours training. Also, some educators have done the training in 2014 while others did theirs in 2020. We want those who have done loads of recent training to have a ‘certification’ which sets them apart from people who have done an intro or foundation session. YOU are going to get a certification for your efforts.

2.            If you’ve done a lot of training with us already, then you’ll be able to submit your existing notes or documentation as assessment. If you’ve done training but never developed a complete analysis and action plan – here’s your chance to get one finished with support from us.

3.            There’s sometimes some confusion around how some tools and templates are used and around some content. A certification will bring a lot of information together in one place. We’ll be able to answer questions and ensure accurate information is shared.

4.            You are ‘certified’ for two years. Then there’ll be an opportunity to do a refresher. This is due to the fact that both fields of education and psychology are rapidly evolving. For this reason, our training is built open constantly to include and consider new and emerging research and ideas.