Cup filling challenge for families: A wellbeing plan with The Phoenix Cups
A Revolutionary step toward understanding your family's behaviour and planning for fulfillment

Are your family spending more time together lately? Has there been tensions about your conflicting needs? Is your children's behaviour baffling you? Could you do with some daily, practical, expert advise to learn more about your family's behaviour? This mini course and 28 days of wellbeing challenges is a game changer. At the conclusion of this course you and your family will be able to:

* Understand EVERY single behaviour your children do

* Identify your own unique needs profile

* Understand the different needs of your various family members

* Learn how to meet the needs of your family (fill their Cups) to create a strong sense of Connection, Self-worth, Self Competence, Autonomy, Security, and Joy. 

We know that when we are 'running on empty', we need to 'put our own oxygen mask on first', because 'you can't pour from an empty cup'.

We connect with these phrases. We get that sometimes you feel like you've got nothing left or you're running dangerously low and need to refill. 

We've heard these sayings many times before. But what is it, this cup that we seem to notice most when it's bone dry?

Are you ready for a great big light bulb of a moment?

Are you ready to take the next step in looking after yourself and in turn the people you love?

Are you ready to see your own behaviours and those of the people around you in a whole new light?

Then sit down, grab your favourite pen, colouring in pencils, or even paints, and let's turn on that light bulb, shall we?

This mini-course includes a ten minute explainer video, text lessons, audio lessons, and also downloadable PDFs. 

The 28 day challenge will provide your family with daily activities to increase your wellbeing, connectedness, and happiness.

If you're already a Phoenix Cups expert, this will give you a few more tools in your toolkit to explain the framework to friends and family, and also will provide you with some printable downloads to explain the latest parts of the framework introduced in 2019. 

If you're new to the Phoenix Cups framework but have heard AWESOME things about it, then there's a good chance you've heard from people who have participated in our face to face in-service workshops or masterclasses. This mini-course will give you an excellent overview so you can talk the same language. If you're interested in booking us for a conference key note or to deliver some Professional Development at your workplace then please feel free to give us a call on 1300 361 243.


Course logins are $28 PER Family home (up to 2 parents and unlimited children) and can be ordered in a couple of clicks using the Sign Up Now button. 


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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this short course

    • How to use this personal Cup filling plan

    • Student walk through video

    • Agreement

  • 2

    Let's get started!

    • Before we begin...

    • Your personal Cup filling plan introduction

    • Your personal Cup filling plan mind map

    • Your personal Cup filling planner

    • Private Facebook Group for members

  • 3

    The Phoenix Cups - What are they?

    • The Phoenix Cups - an overview

    • Phoenix Cups: My Cup Filling Plan explainer video

    • The Safety Cup

    • The Connection Cup

    • The Mastery Cup

    • The Freedom Cup

    • The Fun Cup

    • Test your learning

    • Take the Quiz to determine your needs profile!

  • 4

    The Phoenix Cups Framework - Looking deeper

    • Cup Filling Behavioural Choices

    • Your Dominant Cup

    • Needs Profiles: Big Cups and Small Cups and everything in between

    • Fulfillment: Full and Empty Cups

    • Purpose and the ‘Will to Fill’

    • The 'Skill to Fill'

    • Nature versus Nurture

    • Your Cup filling plan

  • 5

    One Minute Cup fillers

    • What are one minute Cup fillers?

    • Don't let yesterday empty today's Cups

    • There is an invincible summer within you

    • Amor Fati - A love of one's fate

    • Stop chasing happiness

    • Why ranting empties your cups

    • Love is a skill

    • Life hack - There is no life hack

    • Special COVID-19 edition

    • Toilet paper and the Safety Cup

  • 6



    • RECORDED WEBINAR - Cup Filling During Challenging Times

    • Mindfulness Poster

    • RECORDED WEBINAR - Parenting during a pandemic

  • 7

    28 day Cup filling challenge

    • How to do your Daily Cup filling Challenges

    • Day 1 - Replace screen time with green time

    • Day 2 - Pick a theme song

    • Day 3 - Eat that frog

    • Day 4 - Put your own oxygen mask on first

    • Day 5 - Your dream life

    • Day 6 - Do Nothing

    • Day 7 - Random Acts of Kindness

    • Day 8 - Finding your 'Why'

    • Day 9 - Take the Fun Cup seriously

    • Day 10 - Better than yesterday

    • Day 11 - Get physical

    • Day 12 - Respect your elder

    • Day 13 - Choose your own self

    • Day 14 - Sweet Dreams

    • Day 15 - Seeing is believing

    • Day 16 - Go on, spark joy ;)

    • Day 17 - Pouring Happiness

    • Day 18 - Get into Flow

    • Day 19th - Today is the day

    • Day 20 - No destination

    • Day 21 - The cards you're dealt

    • Day 22 - Master that craft

    • Day 23 - Radio Silence

    • Day 24 - Virtue is its own reward

    • Day 25 - Meditate to Rejuvenate

    • Day 26 - Fly High!

    • Day 27: In my life

    • Day 28 - A beautiful day

    • Wildcard day #1: Blog it

    • Wildcard #2: Do worry, be happy

  • 8

    Happy Cup Filling

    • Next live webinar

    • Final assessment

    • Final reflections...

  • 9

    The Phoenix Cups; A Cup filling story - PREVIEW

    • What is The Phoenix Cups Novel?

    • Book reading from Chris

    • Book reading from Kathy Brodie

    • The Phoenix Cups: Sample Chapters

  • 10

    Contact Us

    • This is just the beginning

    • 6 Week Wellbeing program

    • Other Phoenix Cups products available

    • FAQ


  • Include questions a potential student may have before purchase.

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • Include questions a potential student may have before purchase.

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • Include questions a potential student may have before purchase.

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

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