Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a voluntary and confidential service, to support employees who have personal concerns that affect their personal wellbeing and / or work performance.

This EAP is specifically designed for educators and teachers. The program is a collaboration between Evolve Wellbeing Psychologists, and Phoenix Support for Educators.  

Investment in an annual EAP will include the following features...

  • 5 telehealth psychologist appointments

    Your organisation will have access to 5 online counselling sessions. These sessions can be used by 5 different employees, or by just 1 or 2. You decide. You will be matched with one of our experienced team of psychologists and counsellors. If you need more than 5 sessions, additional packs of 5 can be purchased throughout the year.

  • Team wellness pack

    Our Employee wellness pack will help get you started on your wellbeing journey and includes a deck of beautifully illustrated reflection cards, a copy of the Phoenix Cups: A Cup Filling Story for your staff library and Workplace Wellbeing workbook and online course for your educational leader.

  • 5 logins to the 28 day wellbeing challenge

    An online self-paced program to introduce planning for your wellbeing using the Phoenix Cups framework. This online program includes a 28 day challenge of researched based wellbeing ideas. To be provided to members of your team throughout the year at your discretion.

  • Educational leader support

    Includes a login to the self paced workplace wellbeing online course, with downloadable templates and materials.

  • Coaching and mentoring

    Your package will be kicked off with a 1 hour coaching and mentoring session (with the approved provider / nominated supervisor / or educational leader), to discuss current workplace wellbeing needs and create an action plan to ensure utilisation of the program and success.

  • Mental health policy

    Your package includes a customisable Mental Health Policy template for your workplace.

Course curriculum

    1. What is an EAP?

    2. What's in your Educator Assistance Program?

    3. 3 ways to do a Wellbeing Check with your team

    4. Recorded webinar - Sandi and Miranda discuss wellbeing in the workplace

    5. Guided Meditation

    6. What if we need more therapy sessions?

    7. Keep in touch

    8. How do my team access the EAP therapy session?

About this course

  • $2,194.50
  • 8 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Meet your Facilitators

Principal Facilitator Sandi Phoenix

Sandi is the founding company director and Principal Facilitator at Phoenix Support. Her framework, The Phoenix Cups, have revolutionised how staff not only work with children’s behaviour, but how teams view each other’s behaviour. The approach provides a framework of how to understand and respond positively to differences and conflict. The Phoenix Cups adds a new perspective to understanding each other and learning to work and live in harmony together.

Psychologist Miranda Watkins

Miranda Watkins BA Psych (Hons) Assoc MAPS founded Evolve Wellbeing in 2008, and has successfully grown the business into a reputable multi group practice in QLD. Miranda has developed a strong set of values she upholds through her practice including authenticity, growth, discovery and resilience. Miranda is trained in a variety of disciplines over her 20 years of practicing as a therapist and Psychologist. Some of these include cognitive and behaviour therapy, schema focused therapy, gestalt therapy, trauma processing approaches, motivational interviewing and behaviour change, and interpersonal therapy. She is an advocate of working to live well, and making conscious choices to empower oneself to create the best possible life across all of the life stages.

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